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dc.contributor.authorKarabekiroğlu, Said
dc.contributor.authorİleri, Zehra
dc.contributor.authorYılmaz, Mehmet Emre
dc.contributor.authorÜnlü, Nimet
dc.identifier.citationKarabekiroğlu, S., İleri, Z., Yılmaz, M. E., Ünlü, N. (2014). Birinci büyük azı dişlerde çürük gelişme riskinde sabit ortodontik tedavinin etkisi. Selcuk Dental Journal, 1, 1, 20-26.en_US
dc.description.abstractBackground: This study's purpose was to assess in detail the effect of fixed orthodontic treatment on caries risk of permanent first molar teeth. Methods: Seventy four patients who were undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment were invited to participate in this study. The status of permanent first molars were evaluated using World Health Organization (WHO) criteria in three different times; T0Immediately before the fixed orthodontic treatment, T1After fixed orthodontic treatment, T2 At least 12 months after fixed orthodontic treatment. Clinical examination and bitewing radiographs was utilized when the risk assessment performing. Caries risk assessment was assessed at patient, tooth, surface and WSL (white spot lesion) levels. The buccal surfaces of first permanent molars white spot lesions (WSL) was examined according to the Gorelick index. Results: 60 patients completed study (35 female, 25 male) whose mean age 14.7 ± 0.8 at T0 were found. Subjects, whose permanent first molars affected from caries was found to be 58,3% at T0, 66,6% at T1 and 73,3% at T2. Permanent first molars mean DMFT was found to be 1,50 at T0, 1,66 at T2 and 1,78 at T2. Occlusal surface showed a high susceptibility at T0, but approximal surfaces were developed new caries period of three years. WSL incidence in subjects was found to be 25% T0, 58,3% at T1 and 50% at T2. Conclusion: It can be concluded that first permanent molars caries risk was affected by fixed orthodontic treatment.en_US
dc.subjectDiş Hekimliğien_US
dc.subjectDental Cariesen_US
dc.subjectDental Caries Susceptibilityen_US
dc.subjectWhite Spoten_US
dc.subjectBeyaz Noktaen_US
dc.subjectDiş Çürüğüen_US
dc.subjectDiş Çürüğüne Yatkınlıken_US
dc.titleBirinci büyük azı dişlerde çürük gelişme riskinde sabit ortodontik tedavinin etkisien_US
dc.title.alternativeEffect of orthodontic treatment on caries risk development in first molar teethen_US
dc.relation.journalSelcuk Dental Journalen_US
dc.contributor.departmentNEÜ, Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi, Klinik Bilimler Bölümü, Diş Hastalıkları ve Tedavisi Anabilim Dalıen_US
dc.relation.publicationcategoryMakale - Ulusal Hakemli Dergi - Kurum Öğretim Elemanıen_US]

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